Vio & Roberto (Tangoforge)  

Vio y Roberto have been dancing and teaching together since 2014. We take the inheritance of Argentine Tango from the 1940s to the physical and improvisation extreme, with contemporary music, bodies, and gender concepts. Our company, TangoForge, attracts a global community of dancers committed to sublime connection and maximum artistry. The TangoForge pedagogy is a pure distillation of traditional Argentine Tango’s connection and communication technology and lexicon. Our biomechanical toolbox enables students to analyze technique and develop autonomously. We teach from the elements, not sequences, explaining the systems of variation so dancers can mobilize the maximum possibilities of tango for improvisation. Our goal is to empower dancers to experience creativity.

Sonja Armisen

Sonja Armisen is a passionate dancer, having taken Jazz, Modern, Flamenco, Afro and Salsa classes as a teenager and watching every kind of dance performance at any opportunity. With her Argentinian husband, she visited Buenos Aires for the first time and she immediately fell in love with the Tango. Sonja feverishly took up Tango, and over ten years ago she opened her own Tango dance school.

Sonja created a new dance style called "TangoFusionClub-Dance", a mixture between Tango and freestyle dancing, and organized club events to bring TangoFusionClub music and dance together. She has spent much of the past three years teaching, DJ-ing and growing the TangoFusionClub scene in Munich (where she currently resides), as well as in other parts of Europe and even the United States. 


Raffaella Tempesta

Raffaella is an actress, a dancer and a teacher. After her theater training in Italy (QDG and Theatrical Biomechanics), she discovers the world of performance in France and becomes specialized in contact dance and improvisation (R. Crisp, K. Sebbar, K. Simpson, R. Chung…), along with Decroux’s corporeal mime (J. Gainon) and aikido. 

In parallel, she practices Argentine tango. She trains in Europe with Stéphane King, Analia Vega and Marcelo Varela, Federico Farfaro and Liesl Bourke, Pablo Tegli, Pablo Verón… And in Argentina with Chicho Mariano Frumboli, Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Piñero. 

Very fast, a connection is made between both dances. Contact Tango becomes her passion and she makes it evolve into what she calls Alternative Tango (Tango Nuevo associated with Tango Contact). Raffaella pursues her search from a theatrical perspective as well: through an exploration of tango’s emotional aspects and narrative possibilities, she looks for a dialogue between the languages of theater and dance.

As a dance teacher - from contact to improvisation, and from tango to tango contact -, Raffaella uses a teaching method based on the search of one’s own movement, aiming autonomy and the joy of a dance that is deeply personal and poetic. In her professional level classes, focus is put on the relation with the external elements such as partners, space and audience.

Often on the road, she is currently a performer and teacher at Theater Eukitea (Germany), takes part in international Neo Tango festivals and is an active organizer and performer on the Paris scene.